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Learn the American Accent with the American Accent Learnway™!

Many people feel the need to change from a local English accent to a globally accepted English accent. Decades ago, the British English accent was the exclusive choice. Since then, more and more people choose to speak the American way, as the only other globally accepted spoken English standard. The American Accent Learnway™ has been specially developed to enable anyone to learn to speak the American way.

If you want to learn the American Accent, the American Accent Learnway™ will truly teach you how Americans speak.


  • It teaches you how Americans break words into syllables differently than the British way. This must be learned first.
  • Then, it teaches you how syllables are combined into parts in a way that produces the characteristic American tempo.
  • Third, the way Americans use their voice is different. The American Accent Learnway™ shows you how to use your voice this way.
  • The last factor you need to learn is how Americans articulate vowel and consonant sounds differently. This effects how you vocalize words.

Read, Revisit, Remember, Learn, Apply!All of the above, I call the Four Lane Route. The Lanes are Syllabication, Tempo, Voice and Articulation.

But, can you learn an Accent from reading about it? Don't you have to be hearing it too?

Yes - to both questions above! You need the explanation, and for this a book is handy. You can go at your own pace and you can easily go back when you need to. You can have it at your bedside and at your desk to flip through.

As for hearing, I highly recommend an online dictionary, such as, Merriam-Webster, to refer to as you go through the American Accent Learnway™. When you need to, you can quickly look up any word I cite, touch a button to hear playback by a voice model. With an internet connection and your phone, any word you want to hear is at your finger tips and it only takes a few seconds.

Includes the Vocal Fidelity Phonetic System with accent sensitive features.The American Accent Learnway uses a specially created Vocal Fidelity Phonetic System with accent sensitive features to transcribe how to vocalize the different sounds that make up a word. You can read how a word is said the American way then hear it online. The transcription will point out the details you might miss if you rely on just hearing alone.With internet & phone, you already have a tool to listen to any word!

The American Accent Learnway™ takes you further, faster - it enables you to learn how to pronounce many words that share a VOCAL PATTERN in one go, instead of learning just one word at a time. It prioritizes Vocal Patterns based on how distinctively American they are and upon how often they occur in conversation.

600 Vocal Patterns out of 850+ are distinctive!

You can check which Vocal Patterns you vocalize differently and read the Phonetic Script to learn how to vocalize each one the American way. Tables of words that share a common Vocal Pattern are provided!

Prioritizes Vocal Patterns for Learning.In fact, you can diagnose all the Vocal Patterns you need to learn and come up with your own personal learning plan to speak the American way sooner!

Enables Accent Diagnosis and your Personal Learning Plan.No matter where you learned your English, you will be able to see specifically where your accent is different than the American, and you will have specific guidance on how to make the changes you need.

The American Accent Learnway is a scientifically developed Course that presents the bigger change impact lessons earlier and advances you through greater levels of detail later, as you proceed. This enables you to progress further, faster!Defined path: Bigger impact lessons presented earlier!

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